Rider Bio: David Kuhns

The best accidents are happy ones, and my start in bike racing definitely falls into that category. I started racing somewhat by accident – I was big into mountain biking when I was younger and even raced once. After that, I took a long break and picked it up again when I was in college.

After that, I started doing some group MTB rides, which sparked an interest to race again. My first step toward racing was to buy a road bike, build endurance and prepare for the next season. One day out on the road I bumped into a guy named Dave who invited me to join the collegiate road team.  I joined the team and ended up never racing, but I did have a very, very long collegiate road racing career. 

One of my best Team Oregon memories is riding Thursday mornings with Phil Kearns during the summer of 2016. We both were working at Intel that summer and living deep in the SW Portland suburbs – we’re talking Lake Oswego and Sherwood. We would meet early in the morning and climb up Bald Peak near Newberg before heading into work. I think we got just about every Strava KOM on the north side of Bald Peak.

The 2016 season as a whole is a good memory. There were a lot of good races, great training, standout moments of great teamwork and an overall respectable individual contribution. The end of the season definitely left me hungry for the 2017 season.

I always look forward to stage racing. This year in particular, I’m looking forward to the Capital Stage in Olympia. The race took a one year hiatus but it’s back on the calendar for 2017, and I couldn’t be more excited.

My favorite sponsor’s product would have to be Honey Stinger Waffles. I love stroopwafels. I think it’s very important – and very serious business – to familiarize myself with all of they Honey Stinger Waffle flavors.