Race Report: Gorge Roubaix

O racer Tyler Aquino lets us in on his Gorge Roubaix victory. Get the details on how he snagged the W (chased in by O's Greg Kell and Will Hahn in 3 + 4) here. More

Race Recap: Independence Valley Road Race

Resident Team O reporter Phil Kearns is back with another race recap. Read on to get Phil's take on the 2017 Independence Valley Road Race. More

Race Recap: Tour De Dung, 3/11-12

Tour De Dung, or Tour De Fun? Up for debate...check out the race recap, here. More

2017 Team Camp

Team Camp is coming! More

No Dumb Questions

A wise rider once said that there are no dumb questions. Read on to learn answers for commonly asked (or silently thought) questions that our riders have both asked and responded to. More

Piece of Cake: Live Race Thread

Follow along with the Team O Master's 50+ racing contingent as they tackle the Piece of Cake road race. More

Rider Bio: David Kuhns

The best accidents are happy ones, and my start in bike racing definitely falls into that category. I started racing somewhat by accident - I was big into mountain biking when I was younger and even raced once. After that, I took a long break and picked it up again when I was in college. After that, I started doing some ... More

Cat. 2/3 Training Camp Recap

Xander Viray catches us up on last week's Cat 2/3 Training Camp, and all the burritos and caffeine (and bikes) it took to pull off. More

Elite California Training Camp Recap

Get the inside track on our elite men’s training camp in California, straight from team member Phil Kearns. More

Rider Bio: John “Kid” Crandall

I began racing my senior year of high school. One summer night I was out with friends, biking aimlessly around Corvallis. As we clambered over a fence with our bikes on our shoulders to go ride a trail, one of them remarked that there was a sport similar to what we were doing called cyclocross. I decided that sounded fun, ... More