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December 15th Team Ride

Distance:  46  miles (4 short climbs)

Forecast:  36 degrees / 70% chance of rain




Liberty HS to Croeni

North on Croeni to Westmark

West on Westmark to Century

North on Century to West Union

West on West Union to Helvetia

North/West on Helvetia (climb) to Jackson Quarry

North/West on Jackson Quarry (climb) to Mason Hill

South on Mason Hill to Jackson School

North on Jackson School to Shadybrook

South on Shadybrook to North

West on North to Mountaindale

North/West on Mountaindale to Wilkesboro

West on Wilkesboro to Hwy 47

North on Hwy 47/Main through Banks to Banks Road

East on Banks Road to Banks/Vernonia Trail

North on Banks/Vernonia Trail to Pihl

North on Pihl (climb) to Turk

South on Turk to Sell

South on Sell to Green Mountain

North on Green Mountain to Woollen

East on Woollen (very short climb) to Sellers

South on Sellers to Banks

East on Banks to Aerts

South on Aerts to Wilkesboro

East/South on Wilkesboro across Roy to Harrington

East on Harrington to Dersham

North on Dersham to Vadis

East on Vadis to Gordon

North on Gordon to Commercial

East on Commercial through North Plains to West Union

East on West Union to Helvetia

East on Helvetia to Croeni

South on Croeni to Liberty HS