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December 1st Team Ride

Distance:  40 miles / rolling

Forecast:  45 degrees / 90% chance of rain




Liberty HS to Croeni

North on Croeni to Westmark

West on Westmark to Century

North on Century to West Union

West on West Union to Shadybrook

North on Shadybrook to North

West on North to Mountaindale

North/West on Mountaindale to Wilkesboro

West on Wilkesboro to Aerts

North on Aerts to Banks

West on Banks across Hwy 47 to Cedar Canyon

West on Cedar Canyon to Hwy 6

East on Hwy 6 to Stafford

South on Stafford to Strohmayer

West/South on Strohmayer to Greenville

East on Greenville to Roy

North on Roy to Harrington

East on Harrington to Kerkman

South on Kerkman to Cornelius Shefflin

West on Cornelius Shefflin to Wren

South/East on Wren to Leisy

South on Leisy to Hornecker

East on Hornecker to Cory

North on Cory to Glencoe

North on Glencoe to Lenox

East on Lenox to Sunburst

North on Sunburst to Evergreen

East on Evergreen to Sewell

North on Sewell to Meek

East on Meek to Brookwood

North on Brookwood/Helvetia to Jacobson

East on Jacobson to Croeni

South on Croeni to Liberty HS